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The Fusion setting is set in the far future where alien species, psychic abilities, and space travel are common. Electronics, biomechanics, genetic engineering, organic data-storage and other bizarre tech provide every comfort (or discomfort) one can imagine. Survival is the name of the game.

When the aliens landed the acceptance of the extraterrestrial race was widespread; a side effect from desensitization by the media. At that time, popular religions claimed that "the savior of mankind will descend from the heavens," and described the savior as "not of this world." As faith waned and science grew, the idea of a spiritual savior became archaic reminiscent of the dark-ages. Instead, as mankind grew to accept the reality of extraterrestrial life, many religious cults grew from the traditional then themselves became traditional.

On "D-day", the day of dissention, thousands volunteered to be taken off-world by the new neighbors we called the "Hosts". As described by thousands of "witnesses" in the past, these "Heavenly Hosts" stood a head shorter than the average human, skin of gray, with large black eyes, they spoke no English, but strangely, some humans could interpret their language.

The world was lulled in the host's mission of peace. It was not until the others came that the humans realized the truth. The Hosts were refugees seeking solace among the few Earth colonies. Like the Hosts, the other alien races were refugees. Some were only passing through, while others sought permanent residence.

In the 200 years following Earth's first contact with other beings, mankind has expanded its transportation capabilities into hyperspace. By moving between the waves of space and time, a trip that used to take decades under thrusters and solar sails instead took only a hours.

Reminiscent of the old West, Mars became the new frontier. The influx of travelers forced the Mars colonists to converge on New Eden. Those the remained in the wilderness often met there fate at the hands of alien raiders. Humans were tolerated by the technologically advanced races, but after eons of interstellar war, the life of an individual becomes insignificant.

Aliens of all species visited earth, though humans remained dominant. During this time, earth's technology boomed. Advanced hyperspace drives were developed that enabled humans to explore beyond their own galaxy. Small settlements were founded by Pilgrims and separatists throughout the quadrant, but many travelers found themselves stranded on hostile world's with unfriendly alien species. 

In the year 2551, Earth intelligence picked up hundreds of ships earthbound. These ragged voyagers were refugees of the Great War and were brought to the Milky Way on promises of safety.

The Great War was consuming worlds and cultures. Entire species of sentient beings were wiped out. By 2600 the war machines turned towards the Earth sector. Earthlings and their allies, the Hosts fought valiantly, but the war machines struck card. After 40 years of war, the machines struck at the heart of humanity. With valiant though seemingly futile efforts, the alliance battleships charged the Hurlon carriers. By the thousands the solar system's defenders were slaughtered. Sensing defeat, all surviving Earth sector ships retreated as the Hurlon raiders bombarded the planet. Thousands of short-range fighters scrambled to protect escaping transports, but few survived.

Following the devastating losses on Earth, mankind and the Hosts scattered to all corners of the known universe. It was during this time that the history of man was lost and nearly forgotten.

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