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Table of Contents:

Aliens vs. Predator


Dungeons & Dragons

The Known Realms

The Known Universe


Software & Utilities

Star Wars


Aliens vs. Predator:

Aliens vs. Predator Zombicide Cards

Aliens vs. Predator Guide

In space, no one can hear you scream. Let the hunt begin. This is a detailed set of guidelines on the 20th Century Fox films for Aliens and Predators.


Alpha Strike - Campaign Rules

A complete guide to help you run a campaign for Battletech Alpha Strike.

Dungeons & Dragons:

D&D to SEG Conversion

This is a quick conversion guide to allow you to utilize the vast resources from the d20 and Dungeons & Dragons universe.

D&D 3.5 Character Sheet (0.1 MB) Version 1.2 (released 2/14/2008)

This character sheet for Wizards of the Coast d20 Dungeons & Dragons contains all the same information from the basic sheets, but is a much cleaner layout. All of your character's Feats and Skills are located on the front of the sheet, which should help you when you're in the thick of battle.


Shadowrun Character Sheet (0.1 MB) Version 1.0 (released 3/4/2008)

We recently started a game of Shadowrun 3.0 and I hated the original character sheet. So here is a new one! Like the d20 sheet, it is a bit better organized than the original and gives you a lot more room to write things down. Although it is double sided, all of the combat stuff you need is right on the front of the sheet.

Star Wars d20:

d20 Star Wars to SEG Guide

The Star Wars guide adds the familiar races of the Star Wars universe to the SEG format. In addition are rules for starship combat and using droids as player characters.

D20 Star Wars Saga Character Sheet (0.1 MB) Version 1.0 (released 4/29/2009)

By popular demand, we have created this double-sided character sheet for Star Wars Saga Edition. The big improvements over the original version is that all of your feats, powers, languages, skills, and necessary combat stats are on the front of the sheet. It looks kind of slick too.


Software & Utilities:

This is the little section devoted to my "other" hobbies (Visual Basic programming and other gaming stuff). If you have an idea for a tool that you have not seen, or is not free, then let me know. Also, if you find something wrong with one of the programs below, please let me know. Likewise if you have any suggestions to improve the existing programs. Just email me at sunderedepoch@hotmail.com

Dice (1.4 MB) Version 1.32 (updated 7/25/2002)

Ever at your computer and need a set of dice? This little program simulates dice rolling of several different types of dice up to 100 dice 100 times. Includes totals, averages, minimum, and maximum options. Perfect for rolling up characters or NPCs. WinZip or equivalent program required. Tested on Windows 2000 and XP only. Windows 95 not supported.

To Install: Unzip all of the files to a folder and run "Setup.exe". Note that the installer may update your system and require a reboot.


Terminator Guide

Target acquired. Subject verified. Termination commencing.



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