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A Note to Ponder

By Randal Snyder, Copyright 1998


CIA File: 14-192-1587

Subject: Church of the Apocalypse

Status: Under surveillance

Threat: Mild

Dear fellows,

In my quest, of sorts, I have long given thought to the cryptic writings of our church’s founders. Often, I have found, while flipping though pages of text to stop on lines that jump out at me. These are peculiar lines of prophecy, to which many of us have taken great liberty in translation. Here I give yet a new translation. I present new views, though may be bizarre, should give room for further discussion. Do note, my brothers and sisters, that what has been written is only to induce your thoughts.

It is said that the beast will rise from the sea. Peculiar and daunting as this may sound, we must look in to the relation of where this was written. Though much of John’s life was spent roaming from province to province, if we look to the global relationship we see that his realm was of the East. At that time, the West as we know it did not exist and no one of that day perceived its existence. When the explorers sailed across the Atlantic, they ventured into the sea. For this reason, I present the New World as being the birthplace of this beast.

Searching through old history books, I noticed a reference to “the Beast” when speaking of the ENIAC. As you may know the ENIAC was the first computer and was nicknamed thus due to its immense size. If this is the reference the Bible was calling to, then the United States must then also be the whore that rode the beast. For each descendant of the ENIAC is a child of the Beast and we in America have become a society of whores. We will sell anything worth selling just for the sake of profit. Again, we see the correlation. The harlot that the Bible speaks of was once a godly woman and had then turned way from God for the sake of greed and sin. Our first pilgrims sought religious freedom and founded the backbone of the American culture. Now we see every debauchery presented in color though the eyes of ill people. Children kill their fathers; brothers in turn kill each other. We spiral further into the madness of Anarchy.

These are the signs of the times. It is written that the Whore will ride the beast from the sea and later that the beast will devour the whore. I call any to hear this that any man that has seen these truths step forward and know that the time is short. The number of the Beast has been slipped into our pockets and into our hands from times long ago. Remember the Social Security number? These were generated by what, a computer. Later banks and the post office were making use of the power of the Beast to manage their monies. Then the numbers were on cans and every product that you buy. Even later with the invent of credit cards these numbers were engraved into our very lives. Now with the government calling for changes to this paperless society we will finally be branded. It has been written that these things will occur, that the number of the Beast will be required for the purchase of all products of life, and that we will need this number to survive.

Now is the time that we stand up and make our word known. We must distance ourselves from the bringer-of-the-end. We must not make ourselves outcasts. We must instead weave into the workings so that we may further understand what the nature of the Beast is. Those of you that follow this path will be walking a narrow lonely road.

Join me now as the end draws near to face the battles that will come, in spirit and in truth, as we walk through the shadow of the valley of death. We shall fear no evil and we shall overcome.


Robert Howel

(Excerpt from files located at the Church of the Apocalypse of Charlotte North Carolina.)

CIA Internal Review:

By all accounts, this faction is nothing more than a religious militia that harbors animosity towards our chosen policies. They are a mild threat to the security of our nation as many of their members are computer specialists. Preliminary evidence shows they are capable of violent action though are not likely to follow through. Most incidences have been of a computer-related nature. Few records are available as many files are heavily encrypted and are infected with dangerous neural viruses. Any contact with infected files could cause severe trauma to agents or other personnel and file systems.

The leader of the group is Robert Howel, a former CEO of the Southern Baptists Association. His aliases include St. John, ENIAC-sS0N, Blister777, and numerous others. His ENIAC-sS0N persona has been tagged with a tracking bug that will transmit information to our on-line sources. The agent that discovered Mr. Howel’s identity and planted the worm file was later killed in Cyberspace. We suspect that Mr. Howel or another member of the church became aware of the agent’s identity. The attack occurred during a routine Internet sex/prostitution bust. The online conspirators appeared to be legitimate targets, but in actuality they were decoy scripts. When the agents closed in and tapped the lines the viruses were executed. The virus code implemented a loop-back feed in the neural circuitry of the on-line agents that burned their synapses. In total four agents were infected with the viruses and were later terminated.



As many of the members of this militia are based in countries other then the US, we must act to nullify their presence in cyber-space. As programming experts they must be considered dangerous as any number of scripts could be running to exploit our under-funded Internet Crimes department. They have already displayed the ability to manipulate common headgear and may be seeking targets of greater proportion and significance.

********************************End Report********************************

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